incredibly Grown Hand-Selected Genetics

Our incredible Genetics

Ever since cannabis was legalized in Colorado, our founders have been focused on breeding and preserving the most terpene and cannabinoid-rich strains. Our investment in professional, large-scale grow operations and cultivation expertise is what distinguishes us from others, and our unique genetics combined with our pioneering extraction techniques are the secret to our incredible products.

The Legendary Chemdog Genetics

Chemdog pBud Approvedincredibles is the exclusive keeper of the original Chemdog cannabis genetic family, including the iconic Chem91 and Chem4. These strains were born from a fateful Grateful Dead tour, where renowned growers Greg and Michael—aka Chemdog and P-Bud—were first introduced to one another.

We’ll let them tell the rest of the story…

P-Bud: I started growing cannabis in 1985 with a few outdoor plants in the woods next to my high school. From that summer on I knew my passion in life. About that time, my older brother turned me onto Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. The cannabis world is glad he did!

The summer of 1991 we acquired some cannabis that was called Dogbud. Still to this day it was the most unique and highest quality cannabis I have ever seen. My friend and I decided to take some of the Dogbud on the Grateful Dead summer tour to sell. When we were at Deer Creek Amphitheater in Noblesville, Indiana, we met Chemdog and sold him some Dogbud. I think it blew his mind just like it blew ours. We exchanged numbers, and when we got back to Colorado we arranged to send Chemdog 2 ounces of the Dogbud. One of the ounces had no seeds but the other ounce had 13 seeds. Those seeds changed the cannabis scene forever.

We are happy to bring you these authentic Chemdog genetics.”

Chemdog: “Thank goodness I loved the Grateful Dead!

I was just graduating high school in 1991, and the plan was to go on the full Grateful Dead summer tour that year. At Deer Creek Amphitheatre in Noblesville on June 6, 1991, I was in the parking lot looking for some good herb. I found P-Bud and Joe-B, who at the time were just two dudes out there with bud. So I got some and realized it was some of the best tasting and potent herb I had ever tried. It was awesome! I asked them for their numbers and kept in touch.

I asked what the name of this herb was. They said it was called Dogbud, and that some people back in Colorado where they were from called it Chemweed. So the tour ends, and I can’t get that taste out of my mind; so I called and they arranged to get me some back East. I got an ounce of the bud and it had 13 seeds in the bag. I was stoked! I popped 4 right away. One was a male, which I threw away (I wish I never did that—but at age 18 I just wanted bud). The other was Chemsister; one was not good, and the other was the Chemdog, which is also known as Chem91 and Skunkva—three different name tags, but the same plant. 

Nine years later, in 2000, I popped more seeds. One of those became the famous ChemD. A few years later I ended up reuniting with Mike (P-Bud) and Joe-B, and they both couldn’t believe I made a name with the strains I got. When I labeled the bud, I combined what they called it—Chemweed and Dogbud—and put them both together and called it Chemdog.

I sent 4 seeds to Joe-B in 2006, and he started the Chem4 and Chem3. Today, the Chemdog name has made a name for itself and definitely paved the way for the contemporary kind bud movement. The Chemdog era also provided other strains, which include the Snowdog and Bubblechem from other members of the family and also the Giesel and Dogdaze, which I did. The strains are all authentic and have been inspected and brought to incredibles by the Chem family.”

Our strains:

  • Tange: A Colorado original—not to be confused with “Tangie”—Tange stands in a league of its own. Its flavor and aroma cascades through layers of spicy sandalwood, anise, and earth notes, followed by a sweet, fruity finish. Tange delivers a laid back, relaxed effect, perfect for unwinding and general stress relief.
  • Orange Soda: Our proprietary, Cannabis Cup-winning strain bred in-house specifically for terpene content and top-shelf concentrates. Orange Soda has a bright flavor of fully-ripened oranges with a sparkling sour finish that stands apart from other strains. Its stimulating, inspiring effect make it a perfect “anytime” smoke.
  • Sourband Diamonds

    Durban: A classic that has stood the test of time. Durban’s flavor is cooling and astringent with deep spice notes and hints of lemon on the exhale. The effect is electric and energetic, making it a great working aid.

  • Sourband ’09: An incredibles flagship strain that is an easy favorite for even the most discerning connoisseur. It immediately coats your palate with high-octane petrol, fresh rubber, and pine tar. The effect is strong yet functional and hits you right between the eyes.
  • G.A.S: We’ve taken our Ghost of Leroy and paired it up with Sourband ’09. The finish is a unique representation of diesel fuel, fresh soil, and rubber.
  • Jillybean ’13: This strain holds a special place in our library. Hand-selected out of xxx phenotypes for its sharp scent of orange peels and overripe fruit. Our Jillybean delivers a potent head rush accompanied by an astringent terpene profile that is sure to turn heads in any room.