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Q: Which strain is my edible?

Most edibles are made with pure THC oil because it lacks flavor and aroma. Edibles made with distillate lack the terpenes associated with strains that fall into Indica and Sativa classifications. Even when terpenes are added back, there is no definitive research that shows our bodies can fully absorb these terpenes through the digestion process.

Q: What's the difference between the chocolatey bars, gummies, and hard candies?

Other than flavors and dose sizes, nada! Our edibles use the same high potency THC extract. Suggest your favorite flavors and let your customers' mouths do the choosing.

Q: How much should I take?

If your customer new to cannabis, start them small by suggesting 1-5mg until they know how their body responds. Experienced folks should stick to single servings no greater than 10mg. Anything more than that, it’s best to have them speak with their caregiver.

Q: How will it make me feel?

Because our body processes are unique, there is no way to exactly predict how you are going to feel. It's worth noting that THC is commonly associated with a psychoactive "high" feeling, while CBD is more commonly associated with calming effects. Tell your customers to periodically check in with themselves after consuming. This will help give them a better understanding of how their body reacts to edibles.

Q: I don’t like the taste of weed. What edible should I buy?

First, ask the consumer about what flavors they do like, and which ones bother them! Then, let them know that incredibles products are made from distillate, which results in pure, flavorless compounds, so all incredibles products are delicious.

Q: What edible will give me the entourage effect?

Because terpenes in edibles do not make it through digestion, science says that the entourage effect is mostly just psychological with edibles. Cannabinoids make it to the brain, but other key compound that contribute to the entourage effect, like terpenes, do not. You can ask if the customer has tried edibles with other cannabinoids (such as CBN, which is associated with restive effects or THCV, which is associated with focus effects) to achieve the effect they are seeking.

Overheard in the Dispensary

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“I took two edibles one night because I thought I was a tough guy. Later on I couldn’t find my phone, turns out I had put it in the snack cupboard!”


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