incredibles PB&J

This delicious recipe is brought to you by our own Jay Brown…

1 Strawberry Crunch Bar
1 Peanut Butter Buddha Bar
For Experienced Edible Consumers: Break the Strawberry Crunch Bar and Peanut Butter Buddha Bar in half and place one on the other. Now you have an incredibles PB&J that is quick and easy to put together.

For Novice Edible Consumers: Break off half or a full square from a Strawberry Crunch Bar and a Peanut Butter Buddha Bar and eat both in one bite.


Caffè incredibili (incredibles Coffee)

Brought to you by our own Tom Eschino…

To make an “incredibles coffee” add a dose of your vanilla affogato bar (medical or adult use variety) in your regular brewed coffee. It’s creamer and sweetener all in one!

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