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We’ve got your gummy needs

Whether you are looking for standard THC gummies or specially curated cannabinoids – such as CBD gummies for relaxation, CBN gummies for sleep, CBG gummies for pain management and THCV gummies for focus – incredibles has a wide range of gummies that suits various needs.


Explore our flavorful gummy family

background image incredibles Fast-Acting Pineapple Express gummies

Fast Acting Pineapple Express

background image Incredibles-Render-Pouch-Sour-Blue-Razzberry

Sour Blue Razzberry

background image Incredibles-Render-Pouch-Super-Sour-Apple-Puck

Super Sour Apple Pucker

background image Incredibles-Render-Pouch-Sour-Cherry-Tart-IL

Sour Cherry Tart

background image

Strawberry Lemahhhnade

available for a limited time

background image

50 Shades of Grape

available for a limited time

background image Incredibles-Render-Pouch-Boost-IL

Boost THCV

background image Incredibles-Render-Pouch-Snoozzzierberry-IL

Snoozzzierberry + CBN + CBG 1:1:2

background image Pouch-Snoozzzeberry

Snoozzzeberry + CBN 1:5

background image Pouch-Tangahhhrine

Tangahhhrine + CBD 2:1

background image Pouch-Strahhhberry

Strahhhberry + CBD 1:1

background image Pouch-Greener-Apple

Greener Apple

background image Pouch-Summer-Peach

Summer Peach

background image Pouch-Mon-Cherry

Mon Chérry

background image Pouch-Watermelon-Smash

Watermelon Smash

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Canna-curious? We’ve got answers.


Always delicious. Effects you expect. No synthetic lies.

The most prominent format within our collection of confections is cannabis infused gummies, which are:

background image Science beaker

Formulated with pure, high-potency THC distillate

background image Gummies

Homogenized to help limit variability in dosing

background image Fruits illustration

Packed with juicy, fruity flavor and all-natural colors

background image Diagram with leaf in the middle

Curated with specialized cannabinoid blends to provide nuanced effects

background image Flavor particles

Free from terpenes that are added back just to support an outdated indica/sativa classification


For those who like to enhance the everyday

Incredibles gummies are perfect for someone who:

  • Seeks consistency and worry-free enjoyment
  • Desires distinct effects for different occasions (i.e., sleep, relaxation, focus)
  • Prefers delicious flavors over the taste of cannabis
  • Has an aversion to smoking
  • Seeks discretion in their cannabis use
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You’re not the only one who thinks these are great

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“When I visit a dispensary, the toughest decision I have to make it which flavor of incredibles to buy. When it comes to taste, incredibles can't be topped.”


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