Our incredible lineup is full of chocolatey bars, gummies, tarts & mints.

Chocolatey Bars

Chocolatey goodness

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Red Velvet Piece AHHH Cake 1:1

available for a limited time

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Swirled Famous Banana Pudding

available for a limited time

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Snoozzzeberry 1:5 CBN Bar

background image Incredibles-Chocolate-Mile-High-Mint

Mile High Mint

background image Incredibles-Chocolate-LayDown1-PeanutBuddaBuddha

Peanut Budda Buddha

background image Incredibles-Chocolate-LayDown1-StrawberryCrunch

Strawberry Crunch

background image Incredibles-Chocolate-LayDown1-BlackCherry

Black Cherry + CBD 1:1

background image

Monkey Bar

available for a limited time


Get your gummy on

background image incredibles Fast-Acting Pineapple Express gummies

Fast Acting Pineapple Express

background image Incredibles-Render-Pouch-Sour-Blue-Razzberry

Sour Blue Razzberry

background image Incredibles-Render-Pouch-Super-Sour-Apple-Puck

Super Sour Apple Pucker

background image Incredibles-Render-Pouch-Sour-Cherry-Tart-IL

Sour Cherry Tart

background image

Strawberry Lemahhhnade

available for a limited time

background image

50 Shades of Grape

available for a limited time

background image Incredibles-Render-Pouch-Boost-IL

Boost THCV

background image Incredibles-Render-Pouch-Snoozzzierberry-IL

Snoozzzierberry + CBN + CBG 1:1:2

background image Pouch-Snoozzzeberry

Snoozzzeberry + CBN 1:5

background image Pouch-Tangahhhrine

Tangahhhrine + CBD 2:1

background image Pouch-Strahhhberry

Strahhhberry + CBD 1:1

background image Pouch-Greener-Apple

Greener Apple

background image Pouch-Summer-Peach

Summer Peach

background image Pouch-Mon-Cherry

Mon Chérry

background image Pouch-Watermelon-Smash

Watermelon Smash

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Canna-curious? We’ve got answers.

Tarts & Mints

Micro-dose, mighty taste

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Fruit Trio

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Mint Chill

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